Death of Maradoni 8 medical practitioners to stand trial for navmisna

Doctors were recognized as guilty

After the death of Maradoni in Argentina, investigations began. At the end of 2021, the Office of the Prosecutor hung up calling to these doctors at the beating of the legendary football player.

Up to those The doctors of Maradoni were given calls at the vbivstvі

Vіsіm medіchnyh pratsіvnіkіv stand before the court for zvinuvachenniy malignant non-balance in zv’yazku zі death of the legendary Argentinean football player.

The medical commission established that Maradoni’s jubilation was not much more than that destruction. Through tse judgment, having ordered about the damage to the criminal, inquire about the intrusion.

The commission also smashed the whiskers, which the medical staff repaired inadequately and recklessly. Yakbi yoga was engaged in jubilation more, Maradona had more chances to survive after surgery on a blood clot in the brain.

Among the accused are a neurosurgeon and specialty doctor Maradoni Leopoldo Luque, a psychiatrist and a psychologist, two doctors, two nurses and their boss. Usi voni recount their vіdpovіdalnіst for yogo’s death.

Zgidno z Criminalnym code of Argentina, for tsey malice can sue to vy’yaznennya on lines vіd 8 to 25 years.

What do you know about the legendary engraver

  • Maradona played in Europe for Seville, Barcelona and Naples.
  • The 3rd national team of Argentina won the World Cup in 1986, and the others were recognized as the best gravel of the world.
  • At Vіtsі 60 rokіv Maradona leaving this world.
  • An earlier Argentinean journalist, doctor and writer, Nelson Castro, explored the legendary the football player was buried without a heart. Tse zrobili for the sake of it, abi save yoga from fanatics and trace the cause of death.

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