DBR vykrila eksnardepa Gorbatov on the financing of fortune-telling militants and theft of artifacts from Crimea

For the sake of evidence, Gorbatov recovered close to 6,000 unique artifacts. About tse tell the Sovereign Bureau of Investigation.

Return respect The DBR revealed a subdivision of propaganda of the “Russian world” at the center of the Opposition Platform for Life in Okhtirts

DBR vykrylo kolishny people’s deputy on the financial terrorist organizations and theft of 6 thousand unique artifacts from AR Crimea,
– to move in remembrance.

Financing pro-Russian militants

The practitioners of the DBR blamed the financial terrorist organization of the so-called DPR, the largest people’s deputy of Ukraine, Valery Gorbatov. We see that on the cob of the 2000-thousand years of life, the Rada of Ministers of Crimea was enchanted.

At the same time, Valeriy Gorbatov may apply without delay to the duties of the “Gorlivka Paper Factory” and “Blagodijny Soyuz” LLC. Businesses take place in the paid-off territories, and tributes are paid there. Vidpovidno Gorbatov finances illegal terrorist gangs.

Let’s face it, the collaborator can make these connections with the so-called head of the annexed Krim Sergiev Aksyonov. Healthcare workers have a healthy business.

Tsikavo, that Gorbatov’s business is not registered for a new one, but for a son, a nephew and other trusted persons.

Stolen artifacts

The eksnardep did not hesitate to finance the pro-Russian militants. Vіn sche vіrishiv to attract the cultural recession of Ukraine. Vaughn, for earlier information, was stolen from the museums of Crimea and bought in “black archaeologists”.

The investigators of the DBR chose uncommon evidence that Valeriy Gorbatov was responsible for financing, directing him to the fall of the constitutional order in Ukraine, changing between the state cordon and the actual aggression against Ukraine,
– the director of the DBR Sukhachov is appointed.

The workers of the DBR have already carried out six surveys of Gorbatov’s lane. In one of the offices near Kiev, the stench revealed over 6 thousand historical and cultural values. Part of the collection was rehoved in the “hidden rooms” prepared in advance.

Experts of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine determined that historical artifacts lie from the Bronze Age to the late Middle Ages.

Under an hour of research, the specialists of the DBR knew: the Scythian swords of Akinak, write-offs, sokiri, arrows, coins, chain mail of the 12th century, sholomy of the Hellenistic era and dishes of the Tripil culture. Behind previous tributes, Gorbatov’s collection cost dekilka million dollars.

Obshuki DBR in eksnardepa: video

What threatens Gorbatov and de vin at once

If you bring Gorbatov’s fault to court, then I will threaten you with imprisonment up to 10 years for allowing the right to seize a penny and plant it up to 3 years and with the confiscation of a lane.

For operational tribute, at the same time, a large deputy is transferred to the payback territory. Vt_k from Kiev ahead of the full-scale Russian aggression.

You can be asked – relevant information about the situation at the front: video

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