Danilov spoke out against the departure of men aged 18-60 abroad during the war – UNIAN

Danilov urged men “not to hide behind women’s skirts” and look for ways to help Ukraine without leaving it.

Danilov did not support the author of the petition / photo from UNIAN, Janos Nemes

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Alexei Danilov commented on the petitions to the President, in which Vladimir Zelensky they are asking to be allowed to travel abroad for men of military age who do not have combat experience or are not fit to serve in the army.

On air 24 channels Danilov criticized men wanting to leave the country during a full-scale war.

“There may be an alternative – please go help those guys who are at the front. There is a lot of work in the country. There is no need to hide behind a woman’s skirt and flee the country. You need to help. You cannot fight, you cannot take up arms – help in another way. Find an opportunity to help. It is unfair when men start to flee the country during the war. I do not welcome this,” the Security Council Secretary said.

He also called for the observance of the Constitution and laws of Ukraine in this context.

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“And to invent that they can let you go because of a petition – listen, well, you can’t do that. There is more than enough work in our country, for the front. If you can’t at the front – work on another front. Help. Even if you work somewhere and pay taxes – this is also a big help to our country. And now you want to run away there and get a job there, will you pay taxes there? It’s unfair,” says Danilov.

What preceded this

Recently Vladimir Zelensky officially responded to the petition “Repeal the ban on leaving Ukraine for men aged 18 to 60 and introduce the priority of conscription during the mobilization of volunteers.” He has already instructed Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal to take the issues raised in it to work. The reaction of the head of state appeared under the very petition, which at that time gained more than 27 thousand signatures on the presidential website. The author of the appeal to the President of Ukraine proposed to give priority to volunteers in mobilization, and to open borders for the rest.

Recall that the previous time Zelensky reacted to the petition more harshly. During a briefing with President of Poland Andrzej Duda Zelensky noted that he did not fully understand to whom it is addressed. “To me, or maybe this petition should be addressed to the parents of those soldiers who defended Ukraine at the cost of their lives. When today from 50 to 100 people can die in our most difficult direction, in the direction of the East,” he stressed.

It should be noted that in Ukraine, the departure of men of military age is prohibited at least until August 23 – until that day the period of martial law in Ukraine was extended.

Recall that the Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed to make departure of men of military age “paid”. According to the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Viktor Andrusiv, men must pay an insurance premium to the state. It was about 3-5 thousand dollars.

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