Cucumbers have risen in price in Tatarstan

For a week (June 10-17) in Tatarstan, cucumbers have risen sharply in price. Updated information on average food prices is published by Tatarstanstat.

As of June 17, the average price of cucumbers in the republic amounted to 81.74 rubles/kg (+6.9%). Prices for sweets (+1.48%, or 409.32 rubles/kg), vermicelli (+1.41%, or 72.98 rubles/kg), pasta (+1.39%, or 73.53 rubles/kg).

Among the cheapest goods are cabbage (-9.83%) and tomatoes (-7.16%). A kilogram of these vegetables cost an average of 55.25 rubles and 120.35 rubles, respectively.

IA REGNUM previously reported that in Buryatia the consumer price index for goods in May amounted to 99.8%.

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