Cosmopolitan reveals the world’s first cover created by artificial intelligence

It took 20 seconds to create the cover.

Cosmopolitan editors, OpenAI AI research lab and digital artist Karen Cheng have created the world’s first AI-designed magazine cover. About it informs gloss edition.

The photo, published by the magazine, shows a female astronaut in a spacesuit walking on the surface of Mars.

The image was created using DALL-E 2 technology, which is the brainchild of OpenAI. It is an artificial intelligence that takes verbal requests from users and then, thanks to the knowledge of hundreds of millions of images, creates its own images – pixel by pixel – completely new. That is, it can convert any request into a picture, and it can turn out to be very surreal. It took only 20 seconds to create the cover for the magazine.

DALL-E is powered by a neural network, a type of algorithm that mimics how the human brain works. It “learns” what objects are and how they relate to each other by analyzing images and their captions.

The results are so astounding that since its limited release in April, DALL-E 2 has inspired both awe and awe from people who have seen what it can do. For example, reviewers at The Verge stated that DALL-E “could lead to a creative revolution”. The Studio, the YouTube channel of tech writer Marquez Brownlee, asked the question: “Could AI replace our graphic designer?”

The creators of DALL-E don’t like to anthropomorphize it, and for good reason – treating AI as an autonomous entity scares people. Recently Google engineer Blake Lemoine gets suspended sentence just for claiming that his conversations with the LaMDA chatbot proved he had a soul and needed to give permission to the engineers before experimenting. Most independent experts, like Google itself, were quick to dismiss the idea, pointing out that if AI appears human, it’s only because of the sheer amount of data humans feed it.

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