Commander-in-Chief of Finland: We will fight with Russia in case of an attack, we have been preparing for decades – news from Ukraine, World

Finland will be at war with Russia in the event of an attack, because it has been preparing for it for decades. This was stated by the Commander-in-Chief of the Finnish Armed Forces Timo Kivinen, reports Reuters.

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Finland has been preparing for a Russian attack for decades and will put up stiff resistance if it happens, he said. He noted that the Finns have created a significant arsenal, but most importantly, they will be motivated to defend their country.

“The most important line of defense is between our ears (in the head, – ed.), which the war in Ukraine is now proving… We have systematically developed our military defense precisely for the type of hostilities that are being waged there (in Ukraine, – ed.), with a massive use of firepower, armored vehicles, as well as aircraft,” Kivinen said.

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The agency noted that Finland, with a population of 5.5 million people in wartime, will have an army strength of 280,000 troops and 870,000 trained reservists. Helsinki has not abolished conscription, has one of the strongest artillery in Europe and cruise missiles that can hit 370 km. In addition, Finland is ordering four warships and 64 F-35 fighter jets from US defense giant Lockheed Martin.

About 82% of Finns in the May opinion poll said they were ready to defend their country in the event of an attack, the journalists added.

Kivinen, on the other hand, supported Finland’s application to join NATO, but stressed that Finland itself would still bear the main responsibility for its defense.

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