Cisco finally leaves the markets of Russia and Belarus, — media

Back in March, the company suspended operations in Russia and deactivated equipment licenses for Russian customers.

On Thursday, June 23, representatives of Cisco, a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, announced that they plan to gradually phase out their business in Russia and Belarus. About it informs Reuters.

Back in March, the company suspended operations in the Russian Federation and deactivated equipment licenses for Russian customers who were unable to access Cisco services.

Thus, the American company followed the example of Nike, which announced complete withdrawal from the Russian market. Many other Western brands – from McDonald’s to the French automaker Renault – also announced plans to leave the Russian Federation.

Cisco supplies to the world market such software and hardware products as routers, servers, devices that provide network security. All this “iron” is often used for the operation of critical infrastructure, wired as well as wireless networks.

Previously Focus reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin, as part of the import substitution project, instructed to create analogues of Western software, whose developers did not want to continue working on the Russian market after February 24th. Among others, these are Cisco, Dell, IBM, Intel and Microsoft.

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