Chubais could have been poisoned because of the information he had

According to him, Chubais fled Russia and promised to remain silent.

Chubais could have been poisoned because of knowledge about Putin / photo

Former Deputy Prime Minister Russia Anatoly Chubais was in intensive care. The media wrote that his home was checked by specialists in chemical protection suits, because it is possible that he was poisoned.

This was announced by a well-known public figure commenting on the processes in Russia, lawyer Mark Feigin, writes TSN.

“Can the Kremlin poison Chubais? Eliminate him? Of course it can. Chubais is the bearer of colossal information about Putin and his entourage, about state secrets. Firstly, he can know about everything that happened at the time when Putin’s power was throne. Secondly, he certainly knows almost everything that has happened in the presidential apparatus for a quarter of a century,” he said.

Chubais remained Putin’s adviser until the last moment and wrote his resignation letter after he left. According to Feigin, it can be assumed that the Kremlin has reasons to eliminate Chubais. At the moment there is no confirmation of this from independent sources.

“Chubais left Russia. I think that, most likely, he ran away. But after he was given a condition to keep quiet and not twitch. I’m sure that it was, and he was silent. Perhaps this is a condition under which he could feel safe abroad,” the expert says.

According to him, information has recently appeared that news agencies tried to interview Chubais.

“Why didn’t he give it? Was he threatened? We don’t know this, and he didn’t talk about it. It seems to me that there is certainly some kind of process going on around Chubais. And Moscow and its special services are actively involved in this process. Definitely” , Feigin emphasized.

At the same time, the expert does not rule out that Chubais really could get sick, because he is almost 70 years old.

As UNIAN previously reported, Chubais confirmed Guillain-Barré syndrome is a rare disease of the immune system that results in muscle weakness, pain or numbness, and in more severe cases, paralysis.

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