Chinese Foreign Ministry calls Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan a “serious political provocation”

The PRC promised to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan / video screenshot

Visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan – this is a “serious political provocation” on the part of the States. China will defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

How the portal transmits Bloombergwith such a comment was made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China after the landing of Pelosi’s plane.

“China will certainly take all necessary measures to resolutely defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity in response to the visit of the US speaker. All the consequences arising from this should be borne by the American side and the separatist forces of Taiwan independence,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

Why Pelosi’s visit provoked a sharp reaction from Beijing

The timing of the US House Speaker’s trip is particularly sensitive for China, taking place one day after the 95th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army and just months before the 20th Party Congress, where Xi Jinping is expected to receive an unprecedented third term. Xi has made “rejuvenating the Chinese nation” a strategic priority, and working to bring Taiwan back under Beijing’s rule is seen as the foundation of the Communist Party’s legitimacy.

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan: what you need to know

According to Taiwanese media, Pelosi will start his visit to Taiwan around 17:30 Kyiv time. She is supposed to leave the island tomorrow.

China has statedthat he would respond with “strong measures” if Pelosi went to Taiwan, and also noted that he “strongly objects” to a possible visit.

On the eve of the visit, Beijing warned of “egregious political consequences.” Chinese officials also said the nation “will not sit idly by” if the PRC feels its “sovereignty and territorial integrity” are under threat.

The American side has not officially confirmed Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Her Asian tour includes visits to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, some of which have already taken place.

Pelosi has already landed in Taipei and became the first senior American politician to visit Taiwan in 25 years.

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