“Chi together?” Positive hinted at a reunion with Nadia Dorofeeva

The artist announced the release of a new song.

Ukrainian singer Positive (real name and surname – Alexei Zagorodniy) hinted at a reunion with Nadya Dorofeeva in the Time and Glass group. Artist on his Instagram shared several photos in which the singer kisses during the concert.

“Chi at once? 24.06,” Alexei signed the pictures concisely and mysteriously. And the subscribers decided that in this way the artist hints at the resumption of the activities of the musical group “Time and Glass”.

“For us, you are always together”, “Will there be a common song again?”, “Good promo,” the followers of Alexei Zavgorodny comment on the new publication.

Positive hinted at the reunion of the group “Time and Glass”

Note that the description of the singer’s profile states the following: “Before the Svitanka” June 24. Therefore, most likely, the new track will be released on June 24, 2022.

The Vremya i Steklo group broke up in the spring of 2020. After that, Nadya Dorofeeva began her solo career under the stage name DOROFEEVA, while Alexey began to devote more time to the MOZGI group.

One of the last common songs of Nadia Dorofeeva and Alexei Zavgorodny

Recall that on the eve of Nadia Dorofeeva, in almost the same words spoke about her new romance with the Kyiv restaurateur Mikhail Katsurin. “Together,” the Ukrainian singer signed a joint photo with her lover.

Also Focus wrote about the loss in the family of Alexei Zavgorodny. Spring 2022 the artist’s father diedwith whom Zavgorodny did not have time to say goodbye.

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