Cars with “direct current” were fenced near the capital – 23 hours 2022

The voice sound of the transport can be called a kiyan, to the very same thing, the rush of cars with a “straight line” virish the fence.

At the capital, for an hour, the military camp was fenced with transport facilities, like vikoristovuyut at its design, the system for the release of gases from the “pryamostrum” and other exhaust systems, de vodsutni shumopoglinachi.

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Such a decision was made this year, 23rd cherny, at the plenary session of the 2nd session of the Kyiv City for the sake of the IXth call. The decision was supported by 84 deputies.

The deputy of the Kiev city appointed for the sake of Kseniya Semenova, at this important time of war it is necessary to provide for the guests of our city the most comfortable environment for the guests of our city for the protection of their mental health.

“Meshkantsi perebuvayut at the station of constant stress and anxiety. Rocket-bomb strikes, shelling, the sounds of sirens under the hour of repeated alarms – all this strengthened our spriynyatya sounds. As a result, there is a lot of noise in the form of transport facilities, as if vicorous in their design, the system for the release of exhaust gases in the “straight jet” and other exhaust systems, the daily noise suppression is often a negative trigger. These sounds tell people the stagnation of ammunition, to that, in the hour of war, the stench of the stink of children and grown-ups, ”Ksenia Semenova respects.

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