Cі Jinpin at the Rozmovі z Putin sang that China will continue to support Russia

The main topics of the conversation were the war in Ukraine, the bridge across the Amur, as well as strategic coordination between countries, including within the framework of the SCO and BRICS. Pan Xi, having declared that China is ready to continue to support Russia for the sake of sovereignty and security.

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War of Russia against Ukraine

Xi Jinping, having told President Putin that all parties should work on regulating the “crisis” in Ukraine, “with a “sounding order.” That confirmed China’s readiness to help regulate the situation.

View of the blue between the lands

Having appointed the leader to China, that at the very beginning of this fate, while “globally shocking that change”, the Chinese-Russian exporters maintain a good development dynamics, and the economic and commercial development between the countries is developing steadily.

China and Russia are ready to continue to promote one-to-one in nutrition, where the main interests and the main problems, such as sovereignty and security, are active, to activate strategic coordination between the two countries, and also to establish links with the great international bodies, such as the UN and regional that SCO,
– Xi Jinping said.

And Putin said for an hour that the Russian side supports the initiative in global security, hangs on China and speaks out “against any forces, as if they are interfering with China’s internal authorities.” On the eve of the hour, the heads of powers predicted the end of the life of the bridge across the Amur.

How China supports Russia

  • On June 12, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe announced that China not without knocking the zbro of Russia at її war against Ukraine. She added that there are no pacts between the countries.
  • Ale, the edge of truth will help the economic spivpratsyu. On the 10th of Chernya, between Russia and China, a new place was opened on the Far Descent. The stench is spodіvayutsya, scho tse to reduce trade, oskelki Moscow can not get in with the sanctions Sunset.
  • In fierce Putin and the United States signed a large-scale strategic partnership, as if it were aimed at countering the inflow of the United States, and declared that they would not have “fortified spheres of spivpratsi.”
  • So Russia planє create “nova G8” Here, Russia’s partners may see that they “do not take part in the sanctions wars”: China, India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Iran and Turkey.

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