“Bush sends greetings” – Ukrainian student “warms his hands” with inscriptions on shells

Ukrainian student, 22 years old Anton Sokolenkowho studies information technology in Cherkasy, offers those who wish to buy for $ 30 the right to send a message on an 82 mm projectile.

According to the Albanian news agency Telegrafi, among the messages (mostly in English) – “From Albania with love”, “Happy Father’s Day”, “Bush sends greetings”, “They will drive you back to hell” and others.

According to Sokolenko, the agreement is informal and has not been cooperated with the Ukrainian command. However, the funds received are used to purchase weapons. “Donors” receive photographs of the inscription on the projectile.

The money is transferred to the “center for helping the army, veterans and their families.” Donations have already purchased two Starlink systems. In total, at the initiative of the student, 18 thousand dollars were collected.

When asked how ethical he considers his project, the young man declared his hatred for the Russians. At the same time, he said that he thought so

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