Bulgarians: Russia is not only about the economy, but don’t expect help from the West

Will Bulgaria change its geopolitical orientation after the interim government takes office? Arabist and translator Majd Algafari and a member of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic Council of Bulgaria, Colonel Vladimir Milensky, tried to answer this question.

“It’s time to change something, there has never been such a mess in Bulgaria in its entire history. We quarreled with Russia, stopped receiving gas. In fact, we ourselves stopped supplies. We tried to be more Catholic than the Pope,” Algafari believes .

He expects the interim government to resume deliveries of Russian gas under an existing contract with Gazprom. “I also expect the return of the exiled diplomats. If not the same people, then at least the same number. For Bulgaria, which has historical ties with Moscow, this was a big scandal,” he stressed.

“We did not stop gas supplies. Supplies stopped because Russia began aggressive actions in Ukraine. The whole world is unanimous on this issue, and countries that are silent feel uncomfortable,” Colonel Milensky commented for his part.

According to him, “Prime President Radev” will try to change the geopolitical orientation of the country. “It will happen quietly. His main idea is to dissuade the Bulgarians from democracy as a good system of government, especially considering that in Bulgaria democracy is in its infancy: we do not realize that we ourselves have to nurture it.”

Reader comments:

If the president listens to the people and we take a neutral position in the political arena, it will be priceless. War could break out in Taiwan at any moment. History shows that it is regional fires that start world wars. In this case, no one from NATO will protect us – they will only give us their old weapons, if they give anything at all, and send us to fight on the front lines. You probably don’t want it. And let’s not forget that if there are no weapons, no gas, there will be less food, no one will want to give it to us. Have you seen what is happening in Germany now? “Give up the gas” – but they do not refuse. Cyril showed how obedient he is. Don’t expect help from the West. The United States will only help us with the occupation, from which we will then have to free ourselves by Afghan methods. We need to rely on ourselves, we need neutrality. We work with everyone, because we have no enemies, only friends.

The geopolitical orientation of Bulgaria should depend on its national interests. We are a small and weak country that cannot afford to stick strictly to one course to please anyone. An illustrative example is with gas: here we are on our hind legs in front of the Americans – inflation in Bulgaria, high gas prices, shortages, uncertainty. Why? Because we want to support the United States with some nonsense, but even this we really do not succeed. Considering that the supply of Russian gas is in the interests of Bulgaria, we must act in this direction! No matter what anyone says, Russia is not only about economic benefits, it occupies a special place in the hearts of Bulgarians.

Apparently, we are reorienting ourselves to the countries of the Third World. We will get closer to Guatemala, for example, we will send them medicines and gloves, and they will throw bananas at us. Then we will switch to Mexico, we will export powders from it – for washing or for something else, as it goes. That’s when Bulgaria will become a strong geopolitical player in the Balkans, business will go uphill, orders will fall from all over the planet, that’s what life will be…

The new government must stabilize the situation – the previous one had no geopolitical orientation, there were only sharp movements in desperate attempts to beg for external support for internal management, it was a pitiful sight.

A change of course is mandatory – you need to think about the interests of Bulgaria.

From the moment the Russians created Bulgaria, it has always played the role of a rear and has not hidden its geopolitical orientation.

The new government will be like the old one, only new!

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