Bulgarian arms dealer blames Moscow for explosions at his warehouses

“I am 100% sure that agents of Moscow are behind the explosion in my warehouse,” Bulgarian arms dealer Emilian Gebrev told The Guardian. He also told the British publication that Sunday’s explosion was another attack on him by Russian military intelligence agents GRU.

“It can’t be an accident, there was nothing in the building that could explode without outside interference,” a Bulgarian arms dealer who is believed to have been poisoned in 2015 with a nerve agent from the Novichok group said in a telephone interview.

The head of security informed Gebrev that the warehouse’s alarm system went off a few minutes before the explosion, suggesting that someone was in the building. The guards on duty were about to check why the system had worked, when suddenly there was a loud explosion. No harm done.

The assassination attempts on Gebrev, which may be behind the GRU, suggest that he may be involved in the supply of weapons to Ukraine, writes The Guardian. According to the British publication, last year the businessman told The New York Times in an email that his companies were connected with the supply of weapons to Ukraine, although he had previously denied this. The Bulgarian prosecutor’s office believes that the four explosions may be related to an attempt to poison Gebrev. In addition, the son of an arms dealer and one of the leaders of his company were in a coma.

The arms dealer expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the Bulgarian authorities did not prosecute anyone in connection with the attacks on him. “It’s been 11 years since the first explosion and no one has been punished for it,” he says.

Inside view

The involvement of citizens of the Russian Federation in the majority of explosions of ammunition in Bulgaria has been proven. This was stated by the former Minister of Defense Boyko Noev in connection with the incidents in the warehouses of Emilian Gebrev.

“It has been proven that Russian citizens were involved in most of the incidents with ammunition explosions in Bulgaria. They participated or were involved in explosions in other countries, in particular in the Czech Republic. It is proved that they are also connected and probably participated in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal in the UK “, – said the expert on air bTV.

“There were more than 10 such incidents in Bulgaria, which allows us to make some generalizations regarding both the internal political life of Bulgaria and some elements of geopolitics and our relations with other countries. In my opinion, the last incident is connected with Russian-Bulgarian relations.”

The former defense minister stressed that the names of the Russian citizens involved, under which they acted in Bulgaria, are known. However, according to him, there was no high-quality investigation into the explosions.

“Despite the opposition of some political circles, the complicity of Russian citizens (or rather, employees of one of the units of 29,155 GRU) has been proven. It has been proven in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and the UK. As we can see, Russia, in some of its own interests, is trying to influence the Bulgarian defense industry “.

He is convinced that these “reasons” existed during the years of Boyko Borisov’s premiership: “Back then, the Bulgarian defense industry was almost given over to Russian control. This is partly due to the gas problem.” According to the expert, relations between Russia and Bulgaria are a “geopolitically bilateral” issue.

In conclusion, Boyko Noev asked: “Will we again be a vassal state, part of the Russian Empire, or will Bulgaria be part of the democratic world to which it belongs? This is a big question.”

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