Britain imposes new sanctions against Russia

Some restrictions imposed by the British government will also affect the territories temporarily occupied by Russia.

The UK has imposed new sanctions on the Russian Federation and territories under its control, which, in particular, will apply to the export of jet fuel and technologies for shipping. About it says on the British government website.

The United Kingdom imposes a ban on the export, provision and transfer of:

  • goods and technologies associated with internal repression;
  • goods and technologies related to chemical and biological weapons;
  • goods and technologies related to maritime transport;
  • additional products and technologies related to the oil refining industry;
  • additional critical industry products and technologies;
  • jet fuels and fuel additives;
  • banknotes denominated in pounds sterling or in the EU;
  • income-generating goods;
  • technical assistance, financial services, funds and intermediary services related to the import of iron and steel.

It is noted that a number of bans will also apply to the territory controlled by the Russian Federation. The provision of technical or financial assistance related to the above sectors is also limited.

Recall that recently Lithuania banned the export of sanctioned goods through the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation, which caused criticism and threats of retaliatory measures from the Russian leadership.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that “sanctions blitzkrieg” of Western countries against Russia failed.

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