Brad Pitt searched for treasures on the plot of his house for a year – did not find

American actor Brad Pitt told GQ about a “stupid” experience he recently had. The artist’s interview is available on the publication’s website.

Pitt said a man convinced him that one of the previous owners of his French castle in the Middle Ages stole millions of dollars worth of gold and buried it on the property. “I was obsessed. For a year, that was the only thing I could think of… Maybe it had something to do with where I grew up, because there were always rumors in the Ozarks about hidden caches of gold.”– the actor believes, adding that he never found the treasure.

Brad Pitt has hinted at his imminent retirement from the film industry. “I consider myself at the end of the road. Last semester or trimester. What will this segment be? How do I want to build it? the artist asks.

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