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Director Johnny Kyiv has published a teaser for the drama film “Bloody Oil” with a soundtrack from The HARDKISS frontwoman Yulia Sanina.

Frame from the film / press service

“Bloody Oil” is an anthology feature film about the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people during the full-scale invasion of the Russian invaders into Ukraine.

“The film “Bloody Oil” is dedicated to the heroes and victims of the war unleashed by the terrorist country Russia,” said the director of the film, Johnny Kyiv.

The film consists of seven short stories. Each short story is a story based on real events, highlighting a separate aspect of the war: the heroism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the war crimes of the Russian Federation, the tragedy of a child whose family was killed by Russia…

Special attention in the film is paid to the issue of collaboration of some foreign politicians and businessmen with the Russian aggressor. Many make concessions to Russian terrorists because of cheap Russian oil and gas.

Movie poster

The film emphasizes that the price of cheap Russian oil is not measured in dollars, euros or rubles. It is measured in the lives of Ukrainians – the women and children that Russia kills every day with weapons that are paid for by countries that buy Russian energy.

The film “Bloody Oil” asks the question “How many liters of oil is a child’s life worth?” After all, every time, having suffered a defeat on the battlefield, Russia resorts to killing civilians with bombs and missiles.

Frame from the film / press service

The project operators are Evgeny Usanov and Vladimir Kratinov. Among the actors who joined the project are Taras Tsymbalyuk (“Fortress”, “Black Raven”), Daria Legeyda (“Fortress”), Mikhail Voychuk (“Illovaysk”), Andrey Tverdak.

In the teaser of the film, the song of the Sich Riflemen sounds “Oh, there is a red viburnum in the moon” – the soundtrack from Yulia Sanina, the frontwoman of The HARDKISS. The arrangement of the song was performed by Yuri Shepeta (“The Great Gatsby”).

The film will premiere at the end of 2022.

Recall that earlier in the Kiev region started shooting a film about the heroes who took people out of the occupation.

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