Bitcoin – a leading indicator for the stock market, – US investor

Mark Mobius, who was propagated by Franklin Templeton Investments for 30 years, knows what bitcoin is is a valuable indicator for the market. We call the found home cryptocurrency of the world an indicator of the mood of investors.

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The role of bitcoin for investors

According to the expert’s opinion, as bitcoin is falling, then the next day, the Dow Jones index will demonstrate similar dynamics. Mobius adding what to say about those who bitcoin – tse conductive indicator.

Only better if institutional and individual investors in a right way recognize their defeat and attach more pennies to the markets through spending, then the mood to reach bottom.

In addition, against the backdrop of fighting against some global risks recessions of a million dollar market capitalization of bitcoin. Digital coin spent approx. 70% at your peak, if the price was fluctuating on the river 20 thousand dollars This decline was parallel to the decline in the domestic market of the light industry index of MSCI stocks. Until then, investors should rest still for a few factors:

  • influx of increased interest rates in large countries,
  • wreckage of lanzyugiv delivered from China and Europe.

While crypto-investors are investing in bitcoin, “still talking about getting coins on the decline – tse means that tse є nadiya”. Behind the words of Mobius, tse tell about those who “have not yet reached the bottom of the witch market.”

What is a witch market

The trend, if the stock market enters at the stage of pre-terminal snowfall. More than two months. This is the name of the market, if the fall reaches 20%.

The investor has also added what you care about you will need at least three times the same amount in the preparation and you can place it in Indian shares in the upcoming sectors:

  • life materials,
  • software security,
  • medical records.

At the time of the creation of this material, the bitcoin’s variability is on a par $20,726 for a coin. Rinkova capitalization of digital coins to become 395.3 billion dollars, zgіdno z CoinDesk. The maximum cryptocurrency cost mayzhe 69 thousand dollars for a coin at the leaf fall of 2021 fate.

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