Biden is tired of Ukraine. He no longer needs Zelensky

Which Biden administration official leaked to Tom Friedman of The New York Times that the White House did not trust Volodymyr Zelensky?

The moment is very inopportune. Dear reader, the conflict in Ukraine is not over. And secretly, American officials are far more concerned about the actions of the Ukrainian leadership than they admit. There is deep distrust between the White House and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. This mistrust is much greater than what the media reports.

Something very curious is happening in Kyiv. On July 17, Zelensky dismissed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the head of the security service. It was the most significant shake-up in his office since the beginning of the Russian military operation in February. This is equivalent to Biden firing Merrick Garland and Bill Burns on the same day. But I haven’t seen any posts yet that convincingly explain what it’s all about. We seem to be afraid to look into the dark nooks and crannies of the Kyiv corridors of power, not wanting to know what kind of corruption and antics we will see there after all the support that this government has been provided. (But more on that another time.)

Estimates may vary, but I see two possible motives here. First, it is possible that the Biden administration simply wants an end to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and Zelensky does not agree to this. Therefore, the administration is preparing the ground to leave Zelensky in splendid isolation: let him think about his behavior. Second motive. The administration foresees that the conflict is not developing as it should, and intends to make a scapegoat out of Zelensky. She sets the stage to say: “We did our best to help the Ukrainians defend themselves, but in the end they were too inept, too corrupt and mired in civil strife.”

Remember what harsh and harsh words Biden said about Russia during the election campaign. “Putin knows that when I become president of the United States, his tyranny and attempts to intimidate the United States and the countries of Eastern Europe will come to an end.”

But upon taking office, Biden spoke of how much he needed a “stable and predictable” relationship with Russia. “Throughout our long history of rivalry, our countries have been able to find ways to ease tensions so they don’t spiral out of control.” The president, who was once quite hostile to Putin, has begun to look for new areas of agreement. Biden immediately accepted Putin’s proposal to extend the START-3 agreement for five years, abandoned the policy of opposing the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, thereby increasing Europe’s dependence on Russian energy exports, did not hunt for Putin’s personal fortune through sanctions, increased imports Russian oil, and also stopped the construction of the Keystone pipeline. Biden came to the Oval Office not eager to get into a fight with Russia.

Now he found himself in a state of proxy war with Moscow, although he never wanted to. Prior to the start of the Russian operation, he hinted that “a small conflict” would not provoke the US and NATO to retaliate. Biden sees the fallout from the conflict escalating—rising energy and food prices, global hunger, a winter too cold for Western Europe—and probably just wants to get out of the mess. And if Ukraine has to make certain territorial concessions, well, the US has never been particularly interested in who controls the Donbass.

Author: Jim Geraghty

The politicians decided that we needed to get involved in another conflict, spending billions of dollars on it, which would be very useful to the Americans. Nothing changes! A huge waste of tax dollars, and even worse, we live on loan.

The United States firmly believes in the adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” That is why we got involved in the Ukrainian conflict. Only morons believe in the righteous anger that is poured out by the political class.

No need to quote Friedman. It will ruin your magazine. And is there really any doubt about the second motive? This is a conflict that could have been avoided. With the right leadership, some version of the Minsk agreements would have been concluded. This is a simple decision that would force one of the most corrupt states to go to the settlement, no matter who and how was on the cover of Vogue. Now think about how many lives have been lost, how much damage has been done. I do not support the cruel Putin oligarchy. But this conflict was a tragedy, although it could have been prevented. Unfortunately, we have a leadership that drove the country into a stampede from Afghanistan, allowed Iran to build an atomic bomb, and literally destroyed the US southern border. We have never had such bad and incompetent leaders, even under Obama.

The West tried to break Vlad with sanctions before the onset of winter. It is now clear that this did not happen. Now Europe needs energy, and therefore there is a need for a diplomatic solution. I mean that no actions are being taken to dismantle Nord Stream 2. I am sure that this will be a settlement that was impossible six months ago. Like the US and NATO will agree that Ukraine cannot become a member of the alliance, or that Russia can keep Crimea and some lands in the east. <…>

We drove up oil prices with our sanctions and enriched Putin. Stupid.

Russia has food and oil. And we, it seems, will bring Europe to the point where it will starve and freeze in the dark. And all for the sake of NATO moving east.

They have 20 percent inflation, a shrinking business sector, no capital investment, no imports, and the economy is close to collapse.

There will be a second option. Zelensky as a scapegoat. Biden did not fulfill anything he promised during the election campaign. It has become depressingly obvious that despite 36 years in the Senate and eight years as Vice President, Joe Biden has no idea how to be President of the United States. I even have doubts that impending senile infirmity is to blame for this. This is a huge tragedy and catastrophe.

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