Berlusconi’s party urged not to change the prime minister at the crossing

The conflict in the Italian populist party “5 Star Movement” should not lead to its withdrawal from the ruling coalition and its collapse, it would be irresponsible, said on June 23 the former speaker of the European Parliament, the coordinator of the party “Forward, Italy” Antonio Tajani.

As previously reported, the ex-leader of the populists, interior minister Luigi Di Maio, after a protracted conflict with the new leadership of the party, left its ranks and, together with a number of like-minded people, formed a new “centrist” faction in parliament.

Mario Draghi’s “Government of National Unity” with the participation of right-wing conservatives, left-liberals and populists was formed in a difficult situation in 2021 (at the height of the epidemic), now the situation has definitely not improved, especially since elections are coming up in less than a year, Tajani said.

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