Benefits of hockey as a team sport

Sport is a real school of life. Physical activity not only strengthens the body, but also helps to develop patience, endurance, and determination. Teamwork improves and develops socialization and joint decision-making skills, trains leadership qualities, and forms vivid memories in a child.

Hockey helps to develop all these aspects, but at the same time it has its advantages compared to other team sports:

  1. strengthens blood vessels and the heart, develops excellent coordination due to the mobility of the game and staying on skates. Sometimes doctors, under certain conditions, recommend this physical activity even for children with heart disease;
  2. increases the rate of the reaction. Being engaged in hockey, the child will learn to make decisions quickly and respond to any situation;
  3. boosts immunity. On ice, the body’s resistance to respiratory diseases is developed, the process of hardening of the body takes place;
  4. helps to properly release aggression and tension. Instead of venting your emotions on your classmates or parents, your child will get rid of his overwhelmed feelings on the ice. After all, even hockey players are taught to collide correctly, with minimal injury risk;
  5. develops strength of character. The fight for a small puck teaches the child to concentrate, win back his place in life and face difficulties.

Valery Kharlamov’s Hockey Academy opened this summer, which is now enrolling boys born in 2014-2018. It was created by the son of the famous hockey player, Alexander Kharlamov: “Not every child is able to immediately get into a big hockey school (CSKA, Dynamo, Spartak), but if he has a desire to learn how to play, we will try to adequately prepare him. We will raise masters!”

Alexei Krutov, Ivan Mokritsyn and Daniil Maslyukov became the school’s coaches.

And a note to parents: team sports help adults become mentally stable, healthier and more confident. And if you play, for example, hockey with your son (of course, in different groups), then this will strengthen your bond with your child.

Photo: V. Kharlamov hockey school.

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