Belarusian succumb that the economy is beginning to fall apart, – representative of Tikhanovskaya

For Belarussians, in fact, the war was not clear, even if the stench may still be little reliable information. About tse 24 channel, the head of the cabinet of representatives of Svitlana Tikhanovskaya, Valery Kavalevsky, was named.

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Beyond yoga words, for them Lukashenka is a peacemaker. And Putin’s wars in Ukraine – tse tі, yakі vyzvolyayut in the anti-Russian grip and hand out humanitarian aid. At the moment when the Ukrainian military shoots at their places, they drive in the Ukrainians and ring among the Russians.

Therefore, a lot of Belarusians cannot understand what is happening today in Ukraine. Tse those that we need to correct. Tse those that are a great problem, more in Belarus there is an access to some kind of objective information,
– rozpoviv Valery Kavalevsky.

With the help of this wine, having determined that Lukashenka’s supporter did not go beyond 30%. Tse yogo main constituency.

In addition, Valery Kavalevsky told that threats of instability in the state help the Belarusian government to strengthen, that the stink itself will ensure its stability. And then the economy works, and people pay wages.

At one time Belarussians, even if they perebuvayut under propaganda, but stink, the economy is beginning to grow. Already the domestic gross product has shrunk by 9%,
– appointing Valery Kavalevsky.

So having added the wine, tens of thousands of specialists have begun to vizhdzhati, changing prices for indestructibility. These are the obʼєktivnі parameters, like demonstrating the position of Belarusians before the situation in Ukraine.

Remaining news from Belarus

  • Through great spending at the technical side of the Russians, they can beat the Belarusians. Also not included, what the territory of Belarus beside the Ukrainian cordon the aggressor power won for its military base. Oleksiy Gromov, the intercessor of the Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the ZSU, spoke about this.
  • Docks mode Lukashenka keruvateme Belarus, before that time, the threat will be lifted I will advance there army to Ukraine. However, at the same time they do not have sufficient strength for war. Vadim Denisenko, Minister of Internal Affairs, told about this.
  • Belarusian army to carry out various combat trainings. Takozh try learning with Belarusians support of special operations forces. In their own training, they got instructors from the defense forces of Russia.

Before those – Lukashenka went to Putin to “work zustrich”: marvel at the video

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