Belarus has already developed a plan of provocations at the cordon in Poland, – Latushko

Podtrimka of Ukraine Poland fights Lukashenka and Putina

Belarusian oppositionist Pavlo Latushko spoke about channel 24. For yoga words, it is not clear at all, what will be the wine of realization, what can be transferred to the cordon with Lithuania. Latushko vvazhaє that at the same time is the main topic of discussion between Russian and Belarusian dictators – Putin and Lukashenka.

Up to those The situation is becoming tense, – Latushko, explaining the rest of the “upper marches” of Russia and Belarus

Tse reaction to those that Ukraine took away the status of a candidate in the EU. For what, before the speech, I take you and the Ukrainian people,
– having respected Latushko.

The Belarusian oppositionist explained that information about immovirn provocations at the cordons had been received by the past year, until the beginning of the so-called hybrid war with illegal migrants. Її the method was to turn NATO into a reaction, to win the 5th statute of the statute of the Alliance.

“Milodiy, INFORMASIYA JERELH SHODOSHECHIY ON CORDONI POSSIA. The plan was possible, so, so, so, if it is a provocation of the situation, I was inhabited by the Eleemeni, I zbroin. explaining Latushko.

Vіn adding, scho tse vіdbuvatimetsya vіd actual peretina cordon, so go for a possible shelling of the territory. The idea of ​​this plan is helping us to take revenge on Poland for the role that it plays in support of Ukraine.

Lukashenka’s tse viklikaє especially razdratuvannya. Razdratuvannya tse viklikaє th at the Kremlin. І true tse є method,
– podkresliv oppositionist.

Putin wants to distort NATO’s reaction

Latushko has spoken out that the language does not go about the real war. Please, about the silence, vistava from the stagnation of combat armor, from the shelling. What scale will be shelling, stale zocrema in the reaction of Poland.

Meta schodo reverb that, as a child of NATO, so zberigaєtsya. It is not fashionable for him to turn on the implementation of his plan, which, after voicing Latushko, is true. The imovirnist of that which is to be.

“At once, obviously, we are considering a hypothesis with you. Those who have a plan are one thing, and if they are implemented, they are absolutely different. On a certain scale – a third. “, – added Pavlo Latushko.

Latushka spoke about imovirn provocations of Belarus at the cordon from Poland: marvel at the video

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