Belarus declared at the OSCE forum about the provocative activities of Kyiv

The Kyiv regime is provocative towards Belarus, and in May alone, Ukrainian drones violated the border between the two countries 17 times. This was stated by the Belarusian delegation at the OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation in Vienna, the text of which is posted on the website of the Belarusian Embassy in Austria.

According to the representative of the delegation of Belarus, the former president of the country Alexander Lukashenko set the task for the armed forces of the republic to strengthen sections of the state border in the south of the country.

“In May alone, from Ukraine, unmanned aerial vehicles violated the Belarusian state border 17 times (to a depth, as a rule, up to three kilometers)”he said.

At the same time, it is noted that, despite such provocative actions by Kyiv, residents of the border regions of the Rivne region of Ukraine will be able to visit Belarus from July 1 within the Stolin region on…

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