Bednyakov guessing, how 7 years ago he made a call with Mariupol “I won’t get through by any means”

Mariupol is the home of Ukraine. The leading travel show “Eagle and Tails” Andriy Bednyakov is very much experiencing this occupation and the “Russian world”, which flourishes there on the ruins. Vіn guessing, scho vdchuvav sim rokіv to that.

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Andriy Bednyakov about Mariupol 7 years ago

“Friends, I can’t get through to anyone in Mariupol. Who knows what the reason is,” he wrote on Facebook on March 22, 2015.

Facebook predicted … 7 years have passed. I again can’t get through to anyone in Mariupol. I, unfortunately, I won’t get through by phone,
– Andriy Bednyakov commented in his stories at once.

Screenshot from Instagram story Andriy Bednyakova

Screenshot from Instagram story Andriy Bednyakova

It looks like the showman mav on the street died in Mariupol at the beginning of spring.

  • Olga Mikolayivna had been seriously ill for a long time, nurses were looking after her.
  • 24 a fierce won came to one of them and said: “Well, that’s it, stop it”.
  • It was no less than a post-bombing, and the cold, more in the province of fierce – on the cob birch “the apartment was +3, 0 degrees, and for a sick person a catastrophe.”
  • So, Andriy Bednyakov’s mother fell into a coma, and died a year later. They sang in a human way, not under the house, like they sang their relatives in other Mariupols. However, the grave is still in the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine.

Yak Mariupol was paid back

  • On April 13, 2014, 6 days after the occupation of Donetsk, militants invaded Mariupol, as if they occupied administrative offices and blocked a sprat street near the center.
  • For over a month the place was under the control of the Russian occupiers.
  • On March 13, 2014, close to the 5th anniversary of the morning, an operation was launched to lift Mariupol, and in the evening, a blue-yellow ensign was cast over the city of Mayor.
  • In September 2015, the Russian military shelled the Skhidniy microdistrict and the village of Vinogradne. In the last few 29 people perished, more than a hundred took away the wounded. 378 days have already been squandered.
  • Imovirno, at the 2015 red ring in Mariupol, there was no call to those who were left behind in the frontline zone.

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