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Babkin admitted that none of his relatives had called him since the beginning of the full-scale war.

Sergey Babkin complained about his relatives from Russia /

Ukrainian musician Sergey Babkin said that he has many relatives in Russia, since his parents were born in the Belgorod region. Despite the fact that close people should support each other, especially in such difficult times, the artist’s relatives decided to ignore everything that happens in Ukraine, where he lives with his family.

Babkin admitted that none of his relatives had called him since the beginning of the full-scale war. He himself lives in Kharkov, which is shelled daily by the Russian occupiers. But even this did not motivate his family to find out how he lives now and what is really happening.

“I didn’t feel pain. I don’t feel anything. As they say, I’m neither cold nor hot. I understand perfectly well that they all have the same disease. They are zombies in a trap. Such is their fate. Moreover, they themselves wish such a fate. Because if they didn’t want to, they would fight, look for a way out, at least do something.Babkin said in an interview “KP in Ukraine”.

Soon, the artist realized that even if his relatives were not interested in him and the war in Ukraine, then it was pointless to appeal to reason and other Russian audiences.

“If this is the case with relatives, then shouting to some people whom I don’t know makes no sense at all. Therefore, we need to work every day for our victory and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteers who now need huge support. And let those who are silent be silent. they live quietly there. They hope to wait it out. But everyone sees everything. How they will live on – I don’t know. We don’t need to think about such people at all. This is rubbish that needs to be swept away”, – added the artist.

Recall that earlier Sergey Babkin went to Germany, where he raised money to help the victims of Kharkov.

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