Azerbaijan is actually a member of NATO, – Piontkovsky guessing the cicava detail

About tse 24 channel rose publicist Andriy Piontkovsky. Vіn also signifying that recently the historical appointment of the President of Azerbaijan Aliyev іz Yerdogan was held.

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The stench voiced about creation united armyso the Azerbaijani army is an invisible part of the Turkish, having appointed a publicist.

And as we remember – Turechchina is a member of NATO and we are content with our efforts. In fact, Azerbaijan is also a viable member of NATO,
– explains Andriy Piontkovsky.

Adding Vіn also, scho I’m spitting on my eyes in Russia.

“And from the Ukrainian peninsula, some Russians were punished simply for those who only thought about those who could reach NATO,” the publicist summed up.

Support of Ukraine to Azerbaijan

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said earlier that Ilham Aliyev is the best friend of Azerbaijan start supporting and supporting Ukraineand the country hopes for humanitarian and medical assistance.

Vodnochas Zelensky razumіє, scho from the point of view of the dawn of the ozbroєnnya to Azerbaijan well to help Ukraine. All through Nagіrniy Karabakh with historical and folding power supply.

Also, Azerbaijan supported the Ukrainian agrarians – the country saw a little toe, the abyss held a sowing.

Azerbaijan can supply gas to Europe and Turkey

In Azerbaijan, they started talking about expanding the Pivdenny gas corridor. The Minister of Energy of Azerbaijan Parviz Shahbazov said about it.

Having said that, Azerbaijan’s gas reserves near the Caspian Sea amount to 2.6 trillion cubic meters. Tsgogo, as a minister, is sufficient, to secure Azerbaijan, Europe and Turkey.

Russia steals Ukrainian grain and blocks porti

Russia and Ukraine receive a third of light supplies of wheat. Therefore, the export of agricultural products is important for boosting the budget of Ukraine, and Russia is trying to weaken the economy of Ukraine, by not allowing the export of grain, blocking Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea, and allowing Ukraine access to the Sea of ​​Azov and the Ruynu structure.

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