August 24 invaders implement their plan in Ukraine

Yana Esoterichka advises not to celebrate Independence Day, so as not to endanger yourself.

The occupiers can strike at Ukraine on August 24 / photo from UNIAN

Astrologer Yana Ezoterichka urged Ukrainians not to celebrate Independence Day, August 24. According to her, mass congestion promises people a serious danger.

“The celebration of Independence Day on August 24 will not work out, as we would like to do before. In war conditions, you can suffer very much during crowds. The map of the Fallen Warrior shows strength on the side of Ukraine,” the astrologer says on his YouTube channel.

She added that on August 24 Ukraine will be haunted by destruction. And it is on this day that the Russian invaders will try to realize all their criminal plans.

However, she noted that in August there will be a turning point. At the end of the month, many people will be able to reunite with their families.

“August will be a turning point. Everything is just beginning. There will be strong offensives and may go beyond the borders of Ukraine. Be careful who is in the occupied territories. People may suffer. Many will return in August and reunite with their families,” the astrologer added.

Recall that earlier astrologer Vlad Ross toldon which cities Putin can launch a nuclear strike.

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