At the beginning of the war, Jennifer Eniston shared what she was familiar with at the cinema

In the fierce, in Paris, the star was filmed in the comedy film “Mysterious Beating 2”. The continuation of the one-shot movie, as it happened in 2019, was worthy of the peeps through the plot of that group of Eniston and Sandler.

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While on a vacation, the Hollywood celebrity confessed that the war, like Russia had grown up in Ukraine, was kinder. Vaughn thought that at such an hour it is scary and wrong to talk to a cheerful strichtsy, if peaceful people die in Ukraine.

For three months it was far from home. It was all right, not only because I was far away from my dogs. Moreover, Ukraine was bula for two kroki,
– commented celebrity.

On a significant Maidan, the star seemed to be hopeless, for a year Eniston took it into her own hands and continued to work with Adam Sandler.

“I guessed myself, what are those that people need. People want to laugh. People need comedy. People need to not think about bad things,” she said.

About the film “Mysterious driving in”

At the center of history – Jennifer and Adam – making friends, as if Europe had become more romantically expensive. At the dear stench, I met a penny man who would once ask them to spend an hour at once on a private yacht of summer luggage. However, everything is not so easy to appear and bezkhmarno, like the stench of yourselves showed. It’s an hour to drive in the order of the millionaire-master. The first suspects for the police are the little-known Yomu Nick and Audrey, who were played by Hollywood actors.

Guessing, by the birch Jennifer Eniston greeted Ukrainians with the International Women’s Day. Vaughn hung the heroism of Ukrainian women in the minds of war. “Thinking about women and girls in Ukraine and in the rest of the world, like today they are heroically fighting for their country and people – like soldiers, like mothers, like organizers, like those who talk about refugees, like protesters, like journalists… To the women , as if risking their lives in Ukraine and in the neighboring lands: you know, the whole world is behind you,” Eniston wrote.

Also, the actress called out to support charitable funds and organizations that help Ukraine in the fight against the Russian occupier. Zokrema, Eniston withdrew the allowance for the charitable fund of the Ukrainian army “Turn back alive”, which helps the ZSU.

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