At Chernigiv, to judge a Russian tankman, who fired at a living house

Kulikov living in the Altai Territory, which is thousands of kilometers away from Ukraine. The 24th fierce tank battalion, having served for some vins, illegally moved to the territory of Chernigivshchyna from Belarus.

important Calm down, – the head of the investigation zapevniv, that there are no threats from the side of Belarus

Just so vistriliv in the living booth

Viyskove grouping, de having changed Kulikov, it is not enough to want an airport near Chernihiv. On the 26th of the fierce Kulikov’s tank drove along the street of Kiltseva and streaked at the living houses. divination projectile There are two apartments on 9 and 10 surfaces that one more technical application. Luckily, there was no one in the houses at that time.

The official order of the Kulikovs was taken away from the commander of the battalion Leonid Shchetkin. That same day, on the 26th of the fierce, the tank of the occupiers was beaten. The water was far away, and Kulikov and Shchetkin were taken in full. The commander of the battalion was exchanged for a year, and the Russian military commander began to be judged.

Today was the preparation of the meeting. To the right of the Russian occupier, 30 chernjas can be seen.

On the cordon of the battle of Chernigiv region, the occupiers took 3 BTG

Near the cordon regions of Russia, zagarbniks took close 3 battalion-tactical groups. This information was shared by the intercessor of the Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the ZSU Oleksiy Gromov. What is not enough for a full-scale attackbut such a way to shackle Ukrainian troops, yakі could be used on other “hot” lines.

Even earlier, the Ministry of Internal Affairs blasphemed that we would at the same time repeat the onslaught of the occupiers on the brewery regions of Ukraine small-scale. For whom, it is necessary for him to take into account the importance of a large number of troops, and great forces of stench have already been thrown at the Church of Ukraine. Utim, Ukrainian defenders are ready for any scenario.

Russian zagarbniks regularly fire at the Chernigiv and Sumy regions with the help of fire. Up to butt, 23 black stench for the devil’s time, fired with mortars. It all happened near the village of Grem’yach. Fortunately, there are no dead and wounded.

Can you please – Zhdanov explaining why there could be a second attack on Kiev: marvel at the video

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