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It included three representatives.

The three most superstitious signs of the zodiac /

An expert in the field of astropsychology claims that Cancer, Leo and Libra are the most superstitious signs of the zodiac.


This sign is rightfully considered the most superstitious. They express strong emotions that encourage one to believe in mysticism. That is why they believe that Friday the 13th is the most negative day. Cancers also believe in omens.

a lion

Lions are representatives of the “cat” sign of the Zodiac. They fear and love black cats at the same time. However, superstition does not prevent the Lions from living in peace. They believe in signs and do not mind knocking on wood once again.

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The natives of this zodiac sign believe in superstition and are convinced that well-being, future and even health depend on higher forces. Libra believes that any ailment is the result of the evil eye. That is why they often use amulets and amulets to protect themselves from the evil eye.

Recall that astrologers have called Zodiac signswho do not like children.

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