Assistant Alexa taught to speak the voices of deceased relatives (video)

Amazon has demonstrated how a voice assistant reads a fairy tale in the voice of a deceased grandmother.

Amazon presented an experimental feature of the voice assistant Alexa, which was taught to speak in the voices of deceased loved ones.

At the Amazon Re:Mars conference in Las Vegas, they showed how artificial intelligence imitates the voice of a deceased grandmother and reads a fairy tale to a child.

Rohit Prasad, senior vice president of the company and chief scientist of the Alexa team, said such a feature could be especially in demand during a pandemic, as many people on earth have lost their family members and relatives. He noted that artificial intelligence will help prolong relationships with those who are no longer around.

“Although artificial intelligence cannot eliminate the pain of loss, it can definitely extend memory,” Prasad said in particular.

It is noted that the system can learn to imitate someone’s voice in just one minute of recorded sound.

At the same time, this feature is still in development and the company does not say when it will be available to consumers.

How writes edition of The Verge, Amazon’s experiment has already provoked fierce criticism from social media users. The development was called “creepy” and “monstrous”.

At the same time, journalists note that similar technologies are already being used in cinema. So, last year, while preparing a documentary about chef Anthony Bourdain, who died in 2018, artificial intelligence was also taught to speak in his voice. Bourdain’s emails were thus quoted.

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