what to do when you smell like fried fish

bad smell in the room

Unpleasant odors in the house can most often be eliminated by cleaning. There are two obvious exceptions: the persistent smell of fried fish and rotten eggs. They can talk about much more serious problems with wiring and gas.

The smell of fried and slightly burnt fish in the apartment indicates that you need to urgently check the wiring. When heated, both wires and plastic parts emit just such a scent, informs house digest.

Experts recommend carefully inspecting all sockets, switches and light bulbs. Visually, there is a chance to identify melted or blackened areas. In this case, you can try to simply replace the appliance.

Worse, if after replacement the smell remains. This already speaks of wiring problems inside the wall. In no case should you postpone calling an electrician: problems with melted wiring may well provoke a fire.

The smell of hydrogen sulfide is most often identified as “missing eggs”. It will become a cause for concern in gasified apartments. The smell indicates a gas leak. If your apartment is gasified and you smell this smell, you need to leave the room immediately, without turning on the light. And immediately call the gas service to the place: let the professionals figure it out.

Unpleasant odors can also appear in the basement, but their causes are more prosaic. Ways to get rid of musty smells in the basement depend on its sources.

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