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Every third region of the Russian Federation will save on New Year’s holidays due to SVO

The regional authorities of the subjects of Russia began to cancel the New Year holidays due to the events in Ukraine. How calculated “Kommersant”, already in every third region of the Russian Federation, it was decided to somehow save money on the upcoming holidays. Most often, we are talking about a complete refusal, or a reduction in concerts, fireworks and New Year’s festivities. The released funds are planned to be used to help the mobilized and their families.

Russia is experiencing difficulties in increasing oil production

In October, Russia failed to increase oil production. Despite the stock of OPEC+ quotas and the relatively stable high prices for this raw material in the world, the level of oil production in the Russian Federation remains at the level of 1.47 million tons per day. This is less than in September 2022. Analysts polled by Kommersant suggestthat in the future Russia could raise the level after the resumption of production at Sakhalin-1.

In the Russian Federation, crime among women has increased

In recent years, the number of crimes committed by women has increased in Russia. About it write “Vedomosti” with reference to the statistics of the main department for supervision of the investigation, inquiry and operational-search activities of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation. If in 2019 the supervisory authority confirmed that women committed 16.1% of all criminal acts in the country, then in 2022 – already 16.4%.

The movement of ships under the grain deal was agreed without Russia

Ukraine, Turkey and the UN agreed on a roadmap 16 vessels along the humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea as part of a grain deal. Russia was notified of this decision. A source in the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the decisions taken without the participation of Moscow on this deal do not oblige the Kremlin to anything. However, Russia intends to continue the dialogue on urgent issues of the deal with Ankara and the UN.

Lula da Silva elected new Brazilian president

77-year-old Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva outpaced Jair Bolsonaro in the presidential race and became Brazil’s new leader. After the victory, da Silva immediately announced the need to renew relations with the European Union and the United States.

Huawei may finally leave the Russian Federation

Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei plans to fully leave the Russian market. The company has already stopped importing goods into the country. At the same time, experts believe that Russia will not be left without the products of this brand: there will be opportunities to import Huawei equipment through parallel imports and through distribution companies that purchase products from intermediaries in China.

South Korea and the United States began the largest military exercises after North Korean missile launches

The United States and South Korea launched the first large-scale joint exercises for almost five years. More than 240 aircraft will be involved in the Vigilant Storm exercise. In total, about 1,600 sorties are planned. The exercises will last until November 4. They began after another missile launch by the DPRK: the US and South Korean authorities admit that Pyongyang may soon conduct a nuclear test.

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