What happened on the night of November 10

Biden undecided about running in 2024 presidential election

US President Joe Biden said he plans to finally decide in early 2023 whether he will run for a second term. He promised to make a decision in a narrow family circle and expressed the opinion that “everyone wants me to run”, informs Interfax.

Senate-important Georgia to hold second round of elections

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger confirmed that the state will hold a second round of Senate elections on Dec. 6, as no candidate won more than 50% of the vote on the first ballot. Elections in Georgia play a key role, since it is there that it can be determined which party will receive a majority in the Senate. While the Democrats have 48 seats, the Republicans have 49, notes Interfax.

Germany is trying to replace Russian oil with alternative supplies

The German authorities are testing an alternative way to supply oil to the refinery in Schwedt, which was originally focused on Russian raw materials and received it through the Druzhba oil pipeline, writes “Kommersant”. On the eve of the embargo on oil supplies from the Russian Federation, a batch of oil was delivered to the plant for the first time through the port of Gdansk, Poland. Experts warn that switching to an alternative supply route will increase the transportation costs of German refineries, and the rejection of cheap Russian oil will worsen the state of the economy.

Indonesia announces Putin’s refusal to attend G20 summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not go to the G20 summit, which will be held on the Indonesian island of Bali on November 15-16, said the official representative of the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investments of Indonesia, Jody Mahardi. According to him, the Russian delegation at the G20 summit will be headed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov instead of Vladimir Putin.

Media: preparations for Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly have begun

The Kremlin began preparations for the announcement of the next annual message of the head of state to the Federal Assembly, informed sources said. According to them, preparations have been going on for several dayshowever, what exactly it is, as well as the specific date of the message are not reported.

Biden explained the refusal to transfer long-range missiles to Kyiv

Western allies do not send long-range missiles to the Ukrainian authorities, because they do not expect Kyiv to shell Russian territories. Such a statement on Thursday, November 10, was made by US President Joe Biden. As the American leader emphasized, the West has already provided Ukraine with “reasonable opportunity to defend yourself”.

Putin called the fight against violence and corruption a priority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, November 10, congratulated the employees of the internal affairs bodies on their professional holiday. Necessary keep up the good workthe priorities of which are the suppression of any manifestations of violence, arbitrariness and corruption, the fight against extremism, violations of migration laws, cybercrime, the head of state said.

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