what awaits different signs of the zodiac on Friday, October 28

On Friday, October 28, some signs of the zodiac are better off sitting at home, and someone will be in a philosophical mood. Astrologer Veronika Avgurova shared her forecast for the day.


Today Aries have a calm measured day. Unexpectedly, the representatives of the sign will have a lot of free time – take it for yourself. Go to the spa for a massage. You can go to the hairdresser and change your image or just take a walk in the park and get some fresh air.


Today, Taurus will feel out of place all day long – internal anxiety will not give them the opportunity to concentrate. For this reason, today it is better to get away from difficult cases and difficult conversations. Take a walk, breathe in the air, relax.


Today Gemini will have to take the initiative and be active in order to achieve what they have long dreamed of. And be sure to listen to your inner voice if something goes wrong. You probably already know how to change the situation in your favor, says site Veronica Avgurova.


Today, Cancer will have to devote a day to solving financial problems. Unexpected invoices may arise that require payment. The search for money will result in the search for additional sources of income. It is better to look for non-traditional ways. A new approach will open up new opportunities for the representative of the sign.

a lion

Leos will be overflowing with energy today. They will feel enough strength to move a couple of mountains. Well, if the goal is known in advance, otherwise you will have to spend a lot of time choosing an object to which these forces could be applied. And then, as if they were not lost for nothing.


Today, Virgos will feel like a philosopher, as if looking down on the problems of everyday life and the passing day. A philosophical attitude will help you restore peace to your soul and even feel the joy of life in its little things – the smile of a loved one, the laughter of a child or a rainbow in the sky.


Today Libra is waiting for the day of harmony. Your emotional state will stabilize, and your mental balance will be restored. It will be possible to think about drawing up an action plan for the near future.


Today it is better for Scorpio to lie low and sit at home – not to go out to people, not to communicate and do nothing at all, arranging a day of self-isolation. The best interlocutor today for the representative of the sign will be themselves.


Today, Sagittarius will face their past – the events of bygone days will reverberate and affect the present day. In life, everything has origins and consequences, alas, not always noticeable. However, today the stars will allow you to see and feel the causal relationship of being.


Today, the stars warn Capricorn against spontaneous decisions. Your desire to act immediately does not allow you to fully consider such a step. You should not chop off the shoulder. Some decisions may be irreversible, so you need to think carefully before making them.


Today the manipulator will wake up in Aquarius. You will want to act out your own scenario, as well as change the role of the follower to the leader. Be careful: the psychology of the game is a delicate matter, and without proper practice, you can mess things up.


Today Pisces is absolutely open to enjoying any facets of life – whether it be creativity, love, family or even work. Today, everywhere the representative of the sign expects joy and pleasure, delight and pleasure, success and good luck.

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