We clean the oven with a dishwasher tablet: a simple but proven way

dishwasher tablet

It is difficult to wash the inside of the oven from old soot and fat; many housewives spend hours on this. In fact, the problem is solved much faster with a regular dishwasher tablet – this is a simple but proven way.

The substances included in the dishwashing tablets perfectly cope with the dirt, soot and grease that accumulate inside the oven. The temperature will help distribute the tablet along the walls of the oven, writes profile portal The Kitchn.

Step-by-step method for cleaning the oven with a tablet:

  1. Preheat the oven to 100┬░C.
  2. We put the tablet in a heat-resistant dish. Fill it with hot water so that the liquid reaches half the height of the tablet.
  3. We put a container with water and a tablet in the oven on the lower level. Close the door, leave the tablet for two hours.
  4. Under the influence of temperature, the cleaning substances included in the tablet will settle on the walls of the oven. Steam will further soften the soot and dirt.
  5. After two hours, we take out the dishes with the tablet, let the oven cool down a bit.
  6. We wash the inside of the oven with a sponge dipped in water. It is necessary to work with gloves.

Cleaning the kitchen, in principle, takes not only time, but also energy. It is especially difficult sometimes to wash old and stubborn dirt on dishes or household appliances – for example, a microwave. Help make this task easier. five easy ways.

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