US State Department Approves Sale of HIMARS to Lithuania for $495 Million


American multiple launch rocket system M142 HIMARS. Archive photo

©Marines from Arlington/Wikimedia Commons

The US State Department approved the sale of HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems and related equipment to Lithuania in the amount of $495 million. This was reported on Thursday, November 10.

In a statement by the Agency for Security Cooperation of the US Department of Defense saidthat such a sale would serve the national security and foreign policy objectives of the United States by helping to strengthen the defense capabilities of a NATO ally.

In total, the Lithuanian side requested eight HIMARS systems, as well as ammunition for it. The Pentagon believes that the sale of HIMARS will not change the basic military balance in the region.

The US administration has already notified Congress of its decision. The issue of a possible deal will be considered within 30 days.

US-made HIMARS systems are currently used almost daily by the Ukrainian military to attack settlements in the Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions. The American side, as part of military assistance, has repeatedly supplied Kyiv with these launchers. Projectiles for HIMARS have different ranges.

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