US hopes Russia will dissuade North Korea from nuclear testing

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The United States would like Russia and China to influence North Korea to dissuade it from conducting further nuclear tests. Washington assumes Moscow and Beijing have the leverage to do so, a senior US official told Reuters.

“China and Russia have long been opponents of North Korea’s nuclear program. We believe and expect that they are using their influence to try to force Pyongyang to no longer conduct nuclear tests,” the official said. Reuters quotes him on condition of anonymity.

The interlocutor of the publication could not say when Washington expects such tests from Pyongyang. However, he believes that tests can be resumed at any time.

On the eve of the United States appealed to the UN Security Council with a request to hold a meeting on North Korea. In addition, on November 3, the United States and South Korea announced that they intensify training to repel nuclear and missile threats from North Korea.

On November 2, North Korea carried out a a series of rocket launches. This was stated in the South Korean Ministry of Defense. A meeting of the National Security Council was held in South Korea, during which the head of state demanded that Pyongyang be held accountable for its actions.

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