US allocates $47.6 million to train Ukrainian sappers

Ukrainian sapper

Ukrainian sapper (file photo)


The US State Department has allocated $47.6 million to Tetra Tech, which will train Ukrainian mine clearance and munitions clearance specialists. More on Tuesday, November 1st. Told in the press service of the American Foreign Ministry.

Tetra Tech’s mission is to help expand Kyiv’s capabilities to “find and clear mines, unexploded or abandoned ordnance, and improvised explosive devices,” the State Department said in a statement. informs TASS.

The beneficiary company will not only provide training for Ukrainian sappers, but also equip them with the tools necessary for demining and munitions clearance.

The State Department will allocate only $91 million to implement this project until the end of 2022.

In August, it was reported that the authorities of the Netherlands and Germany are developing a joint program in which the Ukrainian military will be trained in mine clearance. The countries supported the pan-European initiative to establish a training mission for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but decided not to wait for its implementation and developed their own program training of the Ukrainian military in mine clearance on land.

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