Uniper announced the complete cessation of gas supplies from Russia

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Uniper, the main importer of Russian gas in Germany, has announced a complete cessation of the supply of blue fuel from Russia. This is stated in her new report, excerpts from which were published on Thursday, November 3.

Deliveries began to decline on June 14, writes Interfax. Uniper regarded this reduction as a breach of contractual obligations.

The report noted that the complete cessation of Russian gas supplies by Gazprom to the company from the end of August 2022 was preceded by a period of interruptions in supplies of varying degrees.

Earlier Uniper announced that on July 14, 2022 Gazprom notified the company about a force majeure declared retroactively in relation to gas shortfalls in the past and present. In Germany, they considered such a statement unfounded and officially rejected it.

The reduction in gas supplies to Germany in the summer of 2022 was due to problems with the maintenance of the Nord Stream compressor equipment. Ultimately, they led to a complete shutdown of the gas pipeline. Overhaul of the Siemens engines used on it can be carried out at the plant in Montreal. However, Canada imposed sanctions on Gazprom.

In addition, on September 26, the linear part of the sea route was damaged by explosions. The day before, November 2, the Nord Stream operator completed the initial collection of information at the site of damage to the first line of the gas pipeline.

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