Tinkoff advised employees not to leave the Russian Federation

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The management of TSG Group (the structure owns Tinkoff Bank and Tinkoff Insurance) did not recommend its employees to leave Russia.

The TSG Group press service provided a commentary on this recommendation to Frank Media – after this publication told on the previous recommendations of the holding’s management.

The authors of Frank Media, citing three well-informed sources, argued that the employer advised employees of Tinkoff Bank who had already left the Russian Federation to remain working in countries where the Tinkoff Development Center (TCR) operates. There are such centers in Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

This advice, according to the source of the publication, was given by the top managers of the holding to employees immediately after the announcement of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation. The company’s management explained that in countries where the TCR operates, employees can access the information they need to work.

The press service of the holding reacted to the publication of Frank Media by explaining that the companies belonging to the group switched to a hybrid work format back in 2020: employees can work remotely and visit the office only if necessary.

The partial mobilization announced on September 21 provoked rush demand for tours and tickets abroad. At the same time, the Federation Council considered that the majority of Russians who left the country will return: any citizen of the Russian Federation has the legal right to go abroad, and then freely come back.

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