The veterinarian named 5 breeds of dogs that he would like to have

Any dog ​​can be affectionate, have a good character and health. But the chances of having such a pet increase if you choose the right breed. Veterinarian Ben Simpson-Vernon from the UK named the top five dog breeds that, based on his experience, he wanted to have.


Dog breed Russian borzoi

The slender greyhound may not look very cute, but is actually a very gentle animal. This breed loves to run, so this dog needs an active family, ready to organize more physical activity. As for the “weak point”, the greyhounds have teeth. They need to be given special attention.

border terrier

border terrier
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A scruffy little border terrier would be the veterinarian’s choice if he took a small dog. This is a rather affectionate breed, which is more attached to its owners than other terriers. Border Terriers are generally robust animals in terms of health. Although there may be some problems, it is useful to know the pet’s family history, said Ben Simpson-Vernon.

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

This is a medium-sized dog that shows a great temperament, the veterinarian said. The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla is not as common, but it can make a good loving pet. The animal needs two long walks every day.

Labrador retriever


The most popular family dog ​​could not be missing from the list of the best dog breeds, according to Ben Simpson-Vernon. Labrador Retrievers are very gentle, affectionate, loyal and funny. Like all breeds, Labradors are prone to some health issues. The most vulnerable parts are the joints and eyes, it is also necessary to monitor the weight of the pet.

Mongrel or mestizo

mestizo dog

The veterinarian’s “number one” choice is a mixed breed dog or an animal that doesn’t fit the description of any particular breed. The veterinarian believes that this is the least problem-free pet, despite the fact that it is difficult to predict the size, temperament and activity level of a mestizo or mongrel puppy. “But what you really get is a variety of genes. By virtue of the fact that the dog is less inbred, it is less susceptible to diseases with a hereditary component,” the expert explained.

Previously, Ben Simpson-Vernon named five dog breedswhich he would never have started. Due to serious health issues and difficult nature, the veterinarian advised beginners to stay away from such pets.

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