The US will not be able to deplete Russia

Anatoly Antonov

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov

©United States Mission Geneva /

The United States cannot exhaust Russia by helping Kyiv. The West needs to seek a solution through negotiations. This was stated by Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov on Saturday, November 5.

The day before, Pentagon spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said Washington would provide Ukraine with 45 T-72 tanks as part of a $400 million military aid package. informs RIA News. According to Antonov, this is an erroneous policy of “our so-called partners”, who believe that “the problem can be solved on the battlefield.”

Earlier it became known that the Russian Ambassador to the United States urged Washington remove their nuclear weapons from other countries, eliminate foreign infrastructure for their storage and maintenance. Thus, the diplomat assessed the reports of the US intention to reduce the delivery time to Europe of the first upgraded B61-12 nuclear bombs. According to the ambassador, due to their proximity to the Russian borders, they acquire strategic importance, despite the limited power and “attempts” by the Americans to classify them as a tactical class.

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