The US urged India to support the “ceiling” of oil prices from Russia

Janet Yellen

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen

┬ęGlobal Look Press/Keystone Press Agency

The US believes that India will benefit from the introduction of the “ceiling” on oil prices. Finance Minister Janet Yellen announced this ahead of her visit to New Delhi.

“In particular, those countries that really buy cheap Russian oil will benefit from this,” Yellen assured. She expressed her hope that India would “take advantage of this price cap” despite local companies negotiating with Russia. About it writes on Tuesday, November 8, “Politics Today” with reference to PTI.

Earlier it became known that the G7 countries – Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, France, Japan, the USA – agreed to set a fixed price for Russian oil. The idea was supported by Australia. The Russian side considers it absurd. Moscow has already warned that refuse to supply countries that will impose a price limit on Russian oil.

In September USA agreed New Delhi to impose a price limit on oil from the Russian Federation. The Indian authorities, in turn, cautiously commented on the proposal to introduce a “ceiling”. Then they referred to the lack of clarity about which countries would support the proposed restriction and how world markets would react to such a decision.

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