The United States recognized the decrease in the ability to deter opponents by force

US military
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The conflict in Ukraine has demonstrated that the ability of the United States to deter rivals on the world stage by military force is declining. This opinion was expressed by the head of the Strategic Command (STRATCOM) of the US Armed Forces, Admiral Charles Richard.

As the US military said, the United States “knew how to act quickly, but forgot how to do it.” writes The Wall Street Journal.

The situation regarding the containment of China, Admiral Richard described as very serious, noting that “the ship is sinking”, albeit slowly. However, Beijing is deploying its forces faster than Washington is doing. This difference is growing, soon it will no longer matter “how good our commanders are” because “we will simply have too few of them.”

The American admiral also expressed the opinion that the conflict and hostilities in Ukraine are only a warm-up, and “the big conflict is only getting closer.” Soon, Richard warned, the US would face an unprecedented test.

At the same time, earlier the Deputy Secretary of Defense of the United States spoke positively about the abilities of the American Armed Forces, saying that the United States Army is the most powerful in the world. According to him, the characterization “the most combat-ready army in the world” China, which is “in the know about our capacities,” does not dispute the United States either.

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