The United States did not find signs of the supply of military equipment by China for the special operation of the Russian Federation

White House building in Washington DC

White House building in Washington DC


U.S. authorities have so far seen no cases of China providing military equipment to Russia for use in combat operations in Ukraine. Such a statement on Thursday, November 10, was made by US national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

The White House spokesman recalled the telephone conversation between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping, which took place in July, informs TASS. Since then, Sullivan said, Washington has not seen China provide military equipment to Russia for use in a special operation in Ukraine.

In addition, the official confirmed that there are no signs from Beijing of “large-scale efforts to undermine the sanctions regime” imposed by Western states against Russia, despite China maintaining economic relations with Russia.

The American authorities have previously stated that if China provides assistance to Russia in conducting a special operation in Ukraine, they will introduce measures against China. At the same time, Washington did not provide any evidence of such assistance.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC emphasized that the principles of relations between Russia and China are being interpreted incorrectly, and completely absurd judgments are born around the Ukrainian crisis, as a result of which attacks on China also arise. Relations between China and Russia are based on the principles non-alignment with blocs and lack of confrontationare not directed against third parties, noted in Beijing.

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