The United States declared Iran a partner of Russia in a special operation in Ukraine

John Kirby

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby

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Iran, according to the US authorities, has become Russia’s partner in the fighting in Ukraine. Such a statement on Tuesday, November 1, was made by the coordinator for strategic communications at the White House National Security Council, John Kirby.

According to an American official, Washington came to this conclusion because Iran allegedly sent instructors and technical specialists to Crimea and, in general, “they are very actively involved in supporting Russia,” informs TASS.

Kirby also recalled earlier statements by the United States that Iran is supplying Russia with drones for use in a special operation in Ukraine. He also said that Washington is concerned about the possibility of Tehran providing Moscow with ground-to-ground missiles.

A spokesman for the White House National Security Council acknowledged that the US authorities “did not see this being put into practice, but we have this concern.” At the same time, Kirby noted that the provision of weapons by Iran to Russia violates UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Both Russia and Iran have repeatedly denied US allegations that Tehran is allegedly supplying arms to Moscow. The Iranian authorities emphasized that they were not going to support any side of the conflict in Ukraine.

Washington has so far been unable to provide any evidence of its accusations against the Russian Federation and Iran. However, on November 1, reports appeared again in the American media that Tehran was allegedly preparing until the end of 2022. send about a thousand weapons to Russiaincluding short-range surface-to-surface missiles and attack drones.

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