The UN urged to quickly remove obstacles to the export of fertilizers from Russia

United Nations office in Geneva

United Nations office in Geneva

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Consultations of the Russian delegation and the delegation of the United Nations (UN) took place in Geneva. The parties discussed the “grain deal”. As a result of the consultations, the World Organization called for speeding up the lifting of restrictions on the export of food and fertilizers from Russia. This was announced by the office of the UN Secretary General.

“The UN calls on all stakeholders to expedite the removal of all remaining barriers to the export and delivery of fertilizers to countries most in need,” the statement said. Its November 11th leads TASS.

The Russian delegation was led by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershinin. On the UN side were Deputy Secretary General of the organization Martin Griffiths and Director General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development Rebeca Greenspan.

Earlier, the executive director of the UN World Food Program said that all countries should cooperate in the implementation of the “food deal”. According to him, the world needs in fertilizers and grains from Russia.

The Grain Deal expires November 19th. As noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry, when deciding on its extension all factors will be taken into account..

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